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Xiaomi's unique Domestic Android platform plan officially launched on August 20th


On August 5th, Xiaomi Mutual Entertainment Announces Formally Signed a global best-selling strategy game <列 王 's dispute> to get the exclusive agency right of the game in China's Android platform. The game is another force after the successful release of Xiaomi's entertainment. It is also a force after the Westward Devils 3D>, which is planned to be officially launched on August 20.

Strategy Game Global Social Translation

In the first half of this year, the disputes of the King King> Entering overseas markets, there are excellent market performance in many overseas markets, successfully killing 56 countries Google Play top 10, 153 national App Store application list TOP 25, where , US Google Play Best Sold list, Russia IOS bestseller list

has been widely recognized in overseas market players. This high-profile return to the domestic market, and chooses to cooperate with Xiaomi's interreasy to work together, and it will be expected to push the strategy game in the domestic market to a new height.

As of now, the game has exceeded 30 million in a global scale, ranked 16th in China IOS bestseller list.

is a online game that is the same across the platform. This means that IOS from all over the world will be assigned to the same group of servers to experience this game, enjoy the national war charm of strategy online games.. At the same time, the game can also real-time translation of the language of various countries, eliminating the language barriers between players in various countries, achieving global social intersection in the game.

On the gameplay, players can build their own buildings in their own territory, occupy the surrounding resources, form their own army, and jointly launched a war to other foreign players.

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