Intellectual stars through 2016, campus recruitment started, thank you for you attention, if you are interested in the Internet industry, please follow the following information:

2016 campus recruitment video


China Joy Showcase

1.Official information

Official Website: www. elex-tech. com

Official WeChat: The HTTP: // weibo. com / u /3750660551(Smart star through recruitment)

E-CV to email: campus @ elex-tech. com


  • Five insurance payments / supplementary medical insurance
  • Holidays / paid vacation
  • Innovation Award / Prize quarter / year-end awards
  • Domestic and international tourism awards
  • Free meals / refreshments fruit pm
  • Birthday gift / birthday PARTY / holiday benefits
  • Wedding gift / birth gifts
  • Staff Activities Club / team building funds
  • CEO directional tea
  • Simple, young, open, equitable team atmosphere
  • Experience at forefront of innovation entrepreneurship experience
  • The opportunity to work side by side with the world's top Internet companies
  • Continuously improve their strength and challenging work content

Third, the recruitment process

  • Campus presentation

    On-site interaction

    On-site resume collection

    On-site written exams

    Release information online

    Collect resume online

    Online resume screening

    Organized written exams

  • Telephone interview

    Department and HR interview

    Provide OFFER

    Sign internship agreement / tripartite agreement

  • Experience and internship

    Formal hire

    Beijing hukou can be solved for outstandings


Select the job category
Select the working place


2016 Campus Recruiting is on, ELEX will launch a campus presentation in parts of several universities, detail information is as belows, please stay tuned

SchoolExpect preaching stationsPreach dateEstimated timeContentRemark

Pretending to be recruited

Zang Weijie graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University with an art and design job in 2015: Game UI Designer

The company's atmosphere is very good, Regardless of men and women will treat you like a friend in general enthusiasm, Around the senior god is not cold, Want to ask what to ask, Want to learn what to learn. Close to Beihang, Optimistic when the fantasy did not leave their own campus, Pessimistic when every day lamented how old he was, Both are good.

余焘 2015年毕业于武汉理工大学 通信工程专业 职位:游戏策划

1, getting fat. Company food is too good, Completely hold live, To control weight? Chenqie can not do ah! !
2, lazy when reading from 7 o'clock every day, now work, and 9:30 to work, 8:00 to get more than enough.
3, the mentality of the young. A lot of love around the game a small partner, Rest time to play the game together, chatting inside the game gossip Han, Feeling never old ah.
4, learn to simplify the complex problem. Under the influence of our department boss, I slowly learn this skill, Is still learning+Practice ing ...

Zheng Nan graduated from Beijing Forestry University in 2015 Business Administration Professional position: game planning


He graduated from Xintian in 2015 with a degree in software engineering from Xidian University: Game planning

Project team boss is good: No shelves, experienced,
Project team colleagues good: LOL, Dota2 all open black, PSV, PS4 for play, noon swimming together fitness,
Work is challenging: solely responsible for the system planning and development from planning to execution, testing, on-line, post-analysis full responsibility to fully understand the project development process,
Good company welfare: Office environment is good, and the company downstairs there are 10 lines. Three meals a day, There is afternoon tea.

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