Simple, pragmatic, efficient

Simple and delicate

Simple communication, there will never be a big company's layer approval and; We are more convinced by people's creativity, rather than through the system and processes, turn every person into a workshop worker!

Everyone is simple and transparent!

The team is small and descent, will never be a large business complex organizational structure and troubleshoot department struggle; We believe that only the soil that is fully authorized, the soil that failures and mistakes can be accommodated to be born, and the number of teams is not related to the number of teams!

Elite culture

We only like to work with the best people to challenge the most difficult things.

We hate to choose a bunch of people or formulate processes in the case of can't solve the problem.. We are more annoying to supervise the work, forced everyone to write weekly report daily.

We believe that the Internet industry is the best person's world. They have a ten, the only thing we have to do is to find enough support, enough space, trial-on platform, letting them go.

Shares, profits

We believe that the greatest growth motivation of the company comes from talent rather than funds, so we don't choose to sell the stock to venture capital but willing to give long-term development together with the company.

Inside the partner's income, dividends will be a big share!

International Top Stage

The prime minister must play in the county, and it will be. We are committed to creating a work platform with competition challenges. We use the top internationalization company in our respective fields as a benchmark, which is challenged for the reference system.

And build a stage that can participate, let go of the global competition.

Freedom, comfort

Our most important wealth is a partner that loves work, passionate, common and retreat. We have been working - ... Provide delicious free food, providing humanized office environment, providing healthy afternoon tea, providing comfortable The heart's recreation area, choosing the convenient location in the transportation - time is used to high, should not waste on the road to get off work.

Stem from love

It is not just because of a salary, it is an exciting experience.

We have to be kind to your own youth and struggle, and treat this process as an exciting experience.. Work lacks enthusiasm, people in teamwork, we ask and encourage him to leave the company, find a work platform that really allows him to excite.

Open new stairs in life

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