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    Clash of kings
    Age of Warring Empire
    Happy Farm
    Battle Alert
  • 50 million +


    Covering a fan-level user in the 40 countries and regions of North America, Asia, Europe, South America
  • 500+


    Elves from major famous schools in the country, dedicated their own youth, form a smart think tank, and dance with international excellent companies.


  • Age of Warring Empire

    Accumulated installation 40 million, ranking 30 in Europe and America for 25 consecutive months!

  • Clash of kings

    The number of registered users has exceeded 10 million, sweeping more than 50 countries best-selling list, Rongden 23 countries Android Strategy list TOP5

    OFFICIAL Web Community Sites:

    VK (RUS)

    FB (ENG)(Deu)(ESP)(PRT)(Are)(FRA)

  • Happy Farm

    Registered users have exceeded 20 million, more than 20 languages, players distributed nearly 200 countries and regions around the world, and 6 million users were active.

  • Battle Alert

    The registered number of users has exceeded 30 million, sweeping more than 40 countries' best-selling lists, Rongden 19 countries IOS Strategy list top5, 16 countries Android Action list TOP10.

  • Bombing hall

    48 months, raven in the top ten leaderboards in Brazil, registered players more than 50 million, and the total recharge amount reached 60 million US dollars.

  • Wu Shen

    Downloads exceed 372 million, registered users more than 100W, monthly flowing water reached 200W. At the same time, the number of online people is 10W.


  • Yet Another Cleaner

    More than 50 million installations, the world's well-known download station download ranked 3, daily cleaning more than 3.5TB, can detect more than 5 million malware and advertising software, more than 500 million advertisements are intercepted.

  • 337.COM

    Daily online 1 million, the monthly active page tour platform

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