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Elex - Dedicated to the internationalization of China's internet.

Elex Technology Co. Ltd. Founded in 2008, after five years of rapid development, China has become a benchmark for corporate internationalization process of Internet companies.The total number of company employees more than 500 people, is headquartered in Beijing and has offices in China, Hefei, China Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Sao Paulo, Brazil and other places.Among them, Tencent (HK: 00700), China's largest Internet Group in 2009 through strategic investments in Chilean star, the two sides formed a strategic partnership to jointly develop overseas markets in emerging countries.

Ever since Elex was founded, we have believed that China's internet industry will cause the advance of internationalization of China's production industry, with its own innovation and place in the international community. Over the past several years, Elex has partnered with China's foremost internet companies (including Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba) and top-ranking games companies (like DD Tank, Perfect World, Giant Interactive, and to achieve many breakthroughs and successes in overseas internet markets.

Happy Harvest: Elex's product, Happy Harvest, became one of China's most influential cultural products overseas in the 30 years since the Reform and Opening Up Movement. From 2008 to 2011, Happy Harvest marked history in the local video game industries of places like Taiwan, China, Brazil, Poland, Germany, and Vietnam, where it became the most popular casual game.

Taking on European and American corporate titans and establishing independent distribution channels: In 2009, Elex was the first in the industry to create its own game distribution team to disrupt the monopoly that European and American companies had on social network gaming. This team overcame difficulties like cross-national payment and customer service to become the first independent distributor of a self-developed game in China's history of network game companies. Afterwards, Elex used its own distribution capabilities to help send many Chinese game companies overseas, creating a new wave in network game internationalization in the industry.

30,000,000 landing:Visit the world through daily Chilean star service users reached 30 million, more than 50 million active users, more than 40 countries, and 10 languages.Chile has become one of the star through the most internationally influential Chinese Internet company.Several sites are gradually among its Global 1000 and continues to maintain a Chinese Internet company ranked the best record in the overseas market.

Stable, healthy growth: In the ever-shifting gaming and internet industry, Elex's has remained true to its stable, healthy business model principle. We're dedicated to becoming a "sun" of the industry, with core business and sustainable, stable growth - not just the "falling star" of a brief success. Ever since we were founded in 2008, we have experienced tremendous changes and shifts in the industry, and steadily grown from a 5-person enterprise to an over 500-person company. Our business has also grown by leaps and bounds.

XingCloud: In 2010, in order to resolve the variety of problems encountered in the internet's internationalization, Tencent's strategic partners and renowned internet product and overseas operator Elex jointly invested 30 million Yuan to jointly establish Beijing's Xingcloud Internet Technology Co. Ltd. Xingcloud used cloud technology to successfully solve the language structure, localization, payment, server speed increase, and other problems encountered in the internationalization of internet products, and provide one-stop, efficient solutions. Currently, Xingcloud has become the standard service for internationalization of China's electronics business websites, including internationalization solutions for some of China's top companies like Vancl, 360buy, and dhgate., in order to get rid of dependence for Facebook, intellectual star pass in the overseas launch independent gaming platform operator, through three years of sustained investment and operations, 337 countries have become well-known for many local small game platform, heavy web game distribution platform.Relying on the platform, intellectual star pass from R & D to create a closed-loop issue to the platform operating system, the effective protection of the rapid covering overseas markets, significantly reducing operating costs and enhance the user viscosity, improve product success rates.

YAC:2013, Tencent QQ doctors jointly launched a free anti-virus service overseas (YAC) has made great feedback and good user reputation in emerging developing countries, China's Internet companies to build their own platform in the overseas market to build their own user base as a breakthrough of cases.Currently, the platform continues to grow rapidly in Brazil, Mexico, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, France has made a huge user base.

Age of warring empire:As a Chinese company first released in European markets posted a mobile strategy game, time for two consecutive years has been ranked the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Germany and other developed countries, the top 30 best-selling list.Chinese companies in the local market to become the most influential and popular mobile phone game.

Company and CEO Awards

2004 - Our entrepreneurial team went to Cannes, France, where they defeated teams from over 200 companies and well-known academies to take first place in the fifth GSM and Java Smart Card Application Development Contest, sponsored by 10 major top-ranking mobile service providers. They took home 300,000 RMB in prize money, and became the first Chinese team to win prize money in the competition's history.

2005 - Elex CEO Tang Binsen won the first China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award, established by the Central China Youth League with funds donated by Deng Xiaoping when he was alive.

2010 - Elex CEO Tang Binsen was listed among 40 "Business Elites Under 40 in 2010" by Global Entrepreneur magazine.

2011 - Elex was listed among the top 100 new enterprises in Zhongguancun by Beijing's municipal government.

2012 - Elex CEO Tang Binsen was listed as a "leading entrepreneur" by the Beijing municipal government.

2012 - Elex CEO Tang Binsen was listed among 30 "Entrepreneurial Elites Under 30" by Forbes magazine.

2012 - Elex was ranked 5th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China Program.

2013 Chilean star through revenue exceeded 550 million yuan, the total water exceeded 700 million, continued to maintain a rapid and stable growth.

2014 Chilean star distribution business through its comprehensive restructuring and games from mobile Internet research, a number of game studios and publishers monthly water line has broken 10 million, to further enhance the company's ability to withstand fluctuations in single games, to ensure continued healthy growth.

Chi-Star game in 2014 through monthly active users exceeded 300 million and the number of monthly active Internet users exceeded 50 million subscribers to create a record high, continued to maintain a leading position in China's Internet companies in overseas markets.




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